About us

Hi! Galipette is a Hudson Valley, NY based vintage clothing shop created and run by me, Lucille (she/her). I'm the official 'us' and 'we' of Galipette, and, yes, your girl is fascinated and enlivened by ALL THINGS VINTAGE FASHION (a forever engrossed student). I pride myself on sourcing the very best vintage for my clients and appreciate all eras, but focus primarily on 1920s-1990s. I especially love pieces which make the wearer feel like the fabulous and magical being that they are.

Each piece is handpicked and sourced by me for its heritage (some designer labels, some not), sustainability (quality fabrics and construction), and wearability (all bodies). Galipette in French means somersault or ‘to go head over heels’. To me, this is what it feels like when we find a piece of vintage that ticks off all the boxes- it looks amazing, feels great, is priced right, and drum roll...fits?!?! It's the magical moment the stars align, we fall in love, and have.to.have.it.

I'm a native of the Hudson Valley, an artist, an empath, and a survivor of non-hodgkin's lymphoma. I am committed to being an active participant in building, fostering, and creating a more just world; a world in which all individuals are honored, feel safe, and heard in the full expressions and forms of their being.

I also hold conversation space for folks in conflict via my other business bb, 

Held Mediation.
Let's be friends.

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Galipette believes in the practice of expressive dressing in order to reclaim and stand in our individual power. 
We choose vintage not as a means of fitting in or gaining approval, but as a way to embody what is flowing within by expressing ourselves outwardly through our fashion, while simultaneously proclaiming our reverence to mother earth and its inhabitants.